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Are you looking for help to make the best of your writing? 

I provide editing  and proofreading services for independent authors and publishers, and I specialise in romance, sci-fi, fantasy and horror fiction. 


Whether you'd like a sentence-by-sentence review or just a last-minute check before you publish, I can work with you to help you ensure your words tell your story in your best voice.

Why edit or proofread?

You've worked really hard to find the perfect words to express your meaning and connect with your audience. Now, the last thing you want is for all that time and effort to be wasted by unnecessary distractions in your finished writing.


Inconsistencies, ambiguous phrases, disjointed word flow or spelling and punctuation mistakes could impact your credibility or discourage your readers.


But spotting these issues in your own work is difficult – no matter how careful you are.

And it takes up valuable time.

I can assist you with these awkward but critical elements so that your writing is clear, consistent and communicates its message effectively. 

How I can help

Line & copyediting

A careful review of your manuscript, addressing spelling, grammar and syntax errors as well as issues like clarity, consistency and flow. 


A quality-control check of your finalised and formatted work before you publish.

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