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Close up of board game Ticket to Ride during play. Image by Dave Photoz

 Board game designers & publishers

Proofreading and editing for board game creators

Do you need your written game components, rulebooks or publicity materials checked before publication or production?

If you would like support with creating consistency, clarity and accuracy across your game boxes, cards and instructions, I can help.

As a board games fan (favourites include Isle of Cats, Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Takenoko), I am familiar with game mechanics and conventions and can check your written components for sense and playability, as well as spelling, grammar and punctuation issues that may look unprofessional in your finished packaging.


I can also check your rules for readability and comprehension so that you can be more confident that players understand how to play and will get the most from your game. 

Need more information?

Please get in touch to discuss your project or to request a quote.

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